When it comes to buying a used car in Ajax, few people are mechanics and can expertly examine a used car for durability and quality.

That’s why we put each car through an exhaustive inspection in order to ensure that it is safe for our customers to purchase and drive.

However, we also recommend that our customers familiarize themselves with the components of their engines that they can find under the hood.

After all, if you are familiar with what a healthy engine looks like, you may be more capable of identifying problems that may come up in the future. Here are some basics about what’s under your used car hood:

Air Input

Every car engine has an air input compartment that includes an air filter.

It’s important to ensure that your air filter is clean so that you get excellent fuel mileage. You can check the filter by removing the lid off of the air input compartment

Intake Manifold

The intake manifold is where the air and fuel mix together in cylinders. If this manifold is leaking, you will see your check engine light illuminate. You may also have a rough idle experience or lose power wile on the road.

Exhaust Manifold

The exhaust manifold is where chemical elements, including air, are released from the engine. This compartment can become very hot to the touch, so be careful when inspecting it. If the exhaust manifold is leaking, you will hear a clicking noise when your car idles.


The valves located underneath the front portion of the used car’s frame are what let air and fuel into the car and let the hot air gases out of the engine. If you see oil in this area of the car, then you may have a bad gasket on the valves.


Camshafts are a part of the engine that rotate in order to make your valves operate properly. They are manipulated by the timing belt or chain, which is located close to them. Check the timing belt for signs of wear in order to keep the camshafts working properly.


The radiator is located directly behind the front grill of your car. As hot coolant enters your radiator at the top, it will be processed through the radiator and returned to the engine cooler. Make sure your radiator does not leak for optimum performance.

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