If you are in the market for a used cialis online truck, then chances are good that you are going to need some financial support to be able to afford the used truck that you really want. In order to help all of our customers get the right used trucks for their needs, we provide a wide range of financing options that are suited for every budget and lifestyle. Here’s a brief overview of the financing options that may be available to you when you work with Supreme Auto Group:

Used truck loans

Many of our customers take out a loan in order to finance their used trucks in Pickering. With a used truck loan, our customers can buy a used truck now and then pay for it over several months or years to come. A major advantage of buying a used truck with a loan is that you will be able to get the right used truck for your long-term needs; not just a used truck that you happen to be able to currently afford.

Therefore, buying a used truck with a loan may help you to save money down the road by not having to upgrade quite so soon.

We make getting used truck loans as easy as possible for all of our customers. To get started, simply visit our Web site and complete the online credit application. Based on your responses to this credit application, we’ll be able to provide you with more detailed information about the loan options that may be available to you. Everyone will be eligible for different loan options, so feel free to contact us today for more details or to get started.


If you have a car or truck that you currently use but plan to stop using when you buy your used truck in Ajax, then consider trading that car or truck in to us. If you are able to trade it in, we will be able to reduce the purchase price of the used truck by an amount equivalent to the value of your used vehicle. To see what the estimated value of your used vehicle might be, check the Canadian Black Book, which is available online.

Special programs

We always offer some sort of special program to help our customers save even more money when they buy their used trucks from us. Contact us today to learn more about the current special programs or financing opportunities that are available to you!